Franchising is based on the proven success of an existing company specialized in car detailing , paint correction, car washing, headlight poliahing and nano ceramic protection. The great advantage of this collaboration is that your likelihood of failure is very low, unlike in other usual types of business. You will experience a safer and faster market entry and gain know-how in our unique services (especially paint correction and Nano Cermiac Protection) and a quality brand from the very beginning of your business.

  1. Strong and respected brand
  2. Experience
  3. Innovations
  4. Professional approach
  5. Sharing practical experience

As a franchisee, you have the opportunity to succeed by consistently following our company values, created by our founder, Bill Rosenberg. Included here are the values you can expect from us and the values we look for in franchise owners.

HONESTY You can always recover from the truth

FAIRNESS Always do the right thing, especially when it is tough to do

RESPONSIBILITY Own the outcome whether it’s good or bad

TRANSPARENCY Share your thoughts without hesitation

RESPECT Give people their dignity and earn others’ respect

INTEGRITY Character shows when no one is looking