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Best Ceramic Pro Extreme Shine Service

Ceramic Pro

  • The Best Nano Ceramic Coating
  • [1] layer Ceramic Pro 9H
  • [1]layer Ceramic Pro Top Coat
  • 2 years warranty
  • Super Hydrophobic

From: EGP11,750.0


ceramic pro extra shine

Do you need your car shine kept for lifetime? do you afraid of paint fading!!!!

Ceramic Pro Egypt designed Nano Ceramic Package specially for you. In just 5 hours your car paint will protected from fading, chemicals, bird drops, tree tars and fine scratches. In addition to a wonderful shine that last for more than 2 years.

Ceramic Pro Nano Ceramic Package has 2 years warranty. By our professional detailers your car parts [ including all out painted parts, plastic trims, nickel chrome, and wheels ] will be protected by two layer of ceramic pro light over all the of the car.

ceramic pro extra shine

Ceramic Pro is the best Nano Ceramic coating in the world and in Egypt. Provide the best solution to protect your all your car surfaces from all environmental damages that will occur during your car ownership make your car shine.

Experience automotive brilliance like never before with our Ceramic Pro Extreme Shine Service. This premium service offers unparalleled protection and shine for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Our expert technicians apply a clear liquid nanoceramic coating, enhancing durability and providing three times the hardness of traditional coatings. With self-cleaning properties, your car will stay cleaner for longer, reducing the need for frequent washing. The multi-layer application ensures comprehensive coverage, safeguarding against UV damage, oxidation, and chemical stains. The result? A showroom-worthy shine that lasts for years, with minimal maintenance required. Elevate your car’s appearance and protection with Ceramic Pro Extreme Shine Service and enjoy the ultimate in automotive excellence .


Ceramic Pro team handle your car from delivery till handing over. Your car will pass through our standard process to ensure the best service quality for you.

What’s Service Include?

Service Provider Ceramic Pro Egypt
Service Name Nano Ceramic Package
Service Duration 5-6 Hours
Ceramic Pro 9H one layer overall car parts
Ceramic Pro Light one Layer overall car parts
Wheels Protection included
External Chrome trims included
Warranty 2 years
Warranty Include See warranty Condition
Service availability  all Branches
Additional Service  Interior Car Wash, Polishing
Paint Correction Not Included

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  1. Mohamed Saied

    Best Service that I did it since 5 years

    Mohamed Saied