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Many people asking which type of protection you should apply on your car Nano Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Films ? Let’s say both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.  And the best way to decide which one to apply you have to carefully compare between them and your typical driving conditions, and what is protecting and preserving your car’s paint and what is the potential  damage that you want to avoid …..

So let’s see  ..

What is Nano Ceramic Coating?

Nano Ceramic Coating (Ceramic Pro) is a permanent Coating applied to the exterior paint of your car and its chemically bonds with car’s paint, gives the paint Surface a hydrophobic properties of Nano coating make it harder for contaminants to bond with your car’s paint this has two main  benefits for the car owner

First it helps keep the car cleaner for longer time. Second it makes the car easier to clean when the car needs a wash .

The advantages  of Nano ceramic Coating (Ceramic Pro)

  1. » Ceramic Pro 9H  has a hardness of 9H, so better resistance to minor scratches (such as swirls, sands and light scratches.
  2. » Greatly enhanced Paint chemical resistance, so it is a protection from bird drops, tree tars, road tars, and Paints (professional coatings).
  3. » Super-hydrophobic, excellent water beading/sheeting.
  4. » Easier cleaning.
  5. » Increased shine/Glossy.
  6. » Greater repair-ability (can be polished to fix minor damage ) and lower maintenance cost than Paint protection films
  7. » Ceramic Pro 9H is Permanent, no need to remove and reinstall

The disadvantages of nano ceramic coating (ceramic pro)

  1. » Will not stop rock chips.
  2. » Can look bad if installed improperly.
  3. » Nano ceramic coating is Expensive , but still cheaper than Paint Protection films .

What is Paint Protection Films?

Paint Protection Films it’s a transparent film, urethane material that applied to exterior painted surfaces on your car, it’s also  thicker than Nano ceramic coatings. The self-healing properties of some Paint Protection Films products make them an attractive option and some scratches will dissipate over time or with heat.

The advantages of Paint Protection films

  1. » Resist Chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris
  2. » Resist Swirl marks created during washing
  3. » Resist Chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants
  4. » Resist Chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants
  5. » Hard water spots from mineral deposits
  6. » Resist Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

The disadvantages of Paint Protection Films

  1. » Slightly minimizes shine.
  2. » Is not very hydrophobic, so little water beading and sheeting.
  3. » It’s color will change over time and turn a yellowish hue.
  4. » Minor damage cannot be repaired, so the film over that part will need to be removed and replaced with high maintenance cost.
  5. » Will need to be replaced eventually.
  6. » Can damage paint underneath if removed for bad quality materials
  7. » Difficult to install properly.
  8. » Initial cost is more expensive compared to Nano Ceramic Coating.

On the other side Nano Ceramic Coating (Ceramic Pro) and Paint Protection films can share some benefits such as: Stop chemical stains, stops chemical etch marks- keeps car looking  newer for longer- prevents oxidation- invisible finish .

At the end Paint Protection films and Nano Ceramic Coating work together for optimal protection, We also recommend that if you install Paint Protection films over your car paint,  it would be easy to install a Nano Ceramic Coating (Ceramic Pro) over top for the slickness, hydrophobic, and ease of cleaning. So ….with Ceramic Pro we can protect the protection.

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