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Faded and Oxidation paint .

Faded paint and oxidation is a chemical reaction in which  the oxidation states of atoms are changed. It’s a fact that paint and trim will fade away under the sun brutal UV rays, this often happens to cars that aren’t  kept in shadow, garaged or even uncovered.

In any case there’s a key aspect to this type of damage that you need to understand.

When does paint oxidize and how does paint fade?

The oxidation process is due to several factors, the most contributing ones on earth is oxygen as its an oxidizer in high quantities all around us. The effects of UV radiation lead to the degradation of polymers, pigments and dye. Which cause the fading effect. While the oxidation process causes the smooth surface to lose its structure, changing from glossy to matte, the UV radiation leads to color change, enhancing the faded look of the paintwork even more. It is possible to have a faded color, without the oxidized surface, or to have an oxidized surface without any faded color.

However, faded paint is corrosion of the clear coat layer of paint as a result of incorrect washing ways such as using gasoline towel ,washing car by liquid normal soap and exposing the car to the sun all this leads to erosion clear coat.

But here’s the good news:

Faded and heavily oxidized paint can often be restored. Whether it’s possible depends on a few factors including your paint’s color. But, often it simply comes down to the condition of the clear coat finish. Restoration is only doable up to the point where clear coat failure begins.

Without a clear coat, restoring the paint generally isn’t realistic. You can forget about fixing the damage if your color coat has already weathered away and exposed the primer.

Is this the situation you face?

Don’t be shocked to learn that affected panels, preferably the entire car, needs a complete repainting.

Prevention is Always Best

Try not to park your vehicle outside (at least on a regular basis). While you can avoid sun fade and oxidation damage with regular polishing and waxing, using a car over is your best bet.

Left unprotected, and out in the elements, your car’s paint will begin to oxidize. And the thing is..You really won’t notice oxidation deterioration over a period of a month or two, but it’s there!

Paint typically gets visibly dull and rough after approximately 2 years in the elements without protection, so here’s ceramic pro comes to protect your paint. BOOK NOW

Basic Restoration Process

Let’s go into more detail about fixing up a paint surface that has started to dull or fade. Heavy oxidation (recognizable by a completely dull, chalky surface) is likely beyond complete restoration..

So.. there are two stages

The 1st stage   the beginning of oxidation, the car color change at the beginning, this step can make a soft polish and paint wax also maintain washing using a car shampoo this reduces corrosion and prolongs the life of the paint, you can choose from polish packages that fits you. GET IT NOW 

The 2nd stage 

Here’s a question that always appears in our website ..
->My car’s clear coat is flaking off. How do I repair it?
Unfortunately, they never like the answer.we tell them to repaint the damaged body panels. There is no way around the fact that polishing won’t restore a clear-coat once it totally fails due to heavy oxidation. Why?

Because the white color will start running in the parts of the car this stage can’t be treated ,however any polish work is helping to increase the corrosion clear coat.  

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