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Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliber Protection

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Ceramic Pro

  • Protect your wheels and caliber from dust and contamination
  • keep wheels original look
  • easy to clean



CERAMIC PRO WHEEL & CALIPER is a coating specifically designed to protect the part of your vehicle that encounters the harshest driving environment.  Brake particles can reach temperatures as high as 400 degree Celsius and penetrate the surface of your wheel, almost creating a permanent bond.  The same particles can attach to the finish of your brake calipers making their appearance degrade drastically over time.

CERAMIC PRO WHEEL & CALIPER eliminates this effect and virtually keeps your wheels and calipers factory new. It offers the same benefits to wheels and calipers that 9H offers the paint work but one quality stands out.  It has a temperature resistance of 1200 degree Celsius eliminating hot brake particles and hot tar from adhering to or penetrating the surface.  Imagine cleaning your wheels with little or no chemicals.

Designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions this permanent protective coating has advanced heat resistance and super chemical resistance to protect your wheels and brake calipers from damage, dust and fallout.
Not only will they be protected by 9H hardness but also with the hydrophobic and anti-graffiti effects of this advanced coating ensuring that they stay cleaner for longer and will be easy to clean!

What’s Service Include?

Service Provider Ceramic Pro Egypt
Service Name Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliber Protection
Service Duration 2-3 hours
Ceramic Pro 9H 3 layers over all the wheel body
Ceramic Pro Light one Layer over all the wheel body
Wheels Protection included
External Chrome trims Not included
Warranty 5 years
Warranty Include See warranty Condition
Service availability  all Branches
Additional Service Wheels and caliber chemical cleaning & Polishing
Paint Correction  N/A

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4.7 overall

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  1. kariem

    perfect for your wheels


  2. ahmed s

    they very perfect company, with high service quality

    ahmed s

  3. Mohamed yehia

    since i applied the service my wheels is always clean

    Mohamed yehia